Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bumper babies or how did my mom do it without JPMA?


I know this makes no sense to most people but my belly is not starting to stick out in the front. For a while it was just a round watermelon. Now it’s like a basketball. I guess it will change day to day as Bean grows and moves around.

Oh, my brother felt Bean kick twice yesterday. That was incredible. There are so many things happening, I wish I was the Bionic Woman and had a camera in my eye to capture some of the expressions hubby and my brother and others have made.

My belly button is now turning pink and red and is tender every now and then. All I can do is oil my button and keep my pants from causing friction on it. I guess I’ll be doing the same with Baby Bean’s belly button.


I’m slowly building up my registry. The two biggest categories left are: nursery stuff & clothing. We’re pretty sure what crib we want and plan to order it this weekend. From there, I can pick out bedding and what else the books say are recommended.

As for the clothing, I figure that should be fun, compared to the hunt for safe bouncy seats, cribs and strollers. It’s my gift to myself for finally setting up the registry. I don’t think I need to put much on the registry anyhow. I just need to put some onesies and sleepsacks and burrito blankets. I think that’s a good start for a summer baby.

Oh, the one big thing I’m holding off on is bottles. Yes, I plan to breastfeed but I still need bottles for when I pump and when my husband assists with feedings. Everything I read and hear talks about potentially dangerous chemicals leaking from plastic bottles effecting hormones. I’m not sure how much evidence regarding this. There is just as many counter arguments as arguments for plastic bottles.

I’m leaning towards Dr. Brown bottles. I’ve been told that I may go through a bunch of bottles and nipples until Bean finds one she likes but I should start with one I prefer. Dr. Brown is releasing polypropylene bottles in the Spring which is a better alternative. I'm also looking at Born Free bottles.

I’m also wondering if I should try the plastic bag type bottles. I’ve got plenty of reading material before I make my decision.