Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You thought telling your parents was nerve racking

I’m very nervous.

I scheduled a meeting with my director today to inform him of the good news. I’ve never had to tell someone I needed leave before so this is a bit scary.

I’m prepared my written proposal for leave and return to work and have had a friend/mentor review it. I’ve calculated additional time just in case because I heard it’s better to ask for more than less. I’ve practiced (sort of) what I’m going to say. I’m still petrified.

Does everyone feel this way?
My director’s assistant called this morning to cancel my meeting. I shocked her with my insistent request for a meeting with him today before he leaves for a business trip. With the help of a friend I calmed down and was able to get a meeting with him.
He’s running late. Oh, cruel ……..
He’s back.
My knees were shaking but I did it. I told them that I found a way to have staff cut from the same cloth as myself but they’d have to wait a few months for incubation and 20+ years to fully ripen. They seemed happy. I have to negotiate some points with them but we’ll see what they put on the table.
I feel relieved it’s out but also nervous about negotiations but I suppose that’s normal. I couldn’t do this without helpful advice from friends and mentors. Women really do help women which is another reason I believe men could never be pregnant. There was a reason for God’s plan.