Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things you should know about your parents part I

1. Your parents laugh a lot. We find things in life generally funny. Your dad laughs quietly and turns beet red. Your mom laughs vociferously. This embarrasses your dad sometimes.

2. Your dad is a night owl. He says it’s because he was born at 3:30am. Your mom loves sleep. She’s not a day person or a night person. I’m not sure how that correlates to when I was born. Your mom was born at 7:30pm.

3. Your dad researches stealthily and makes decisions which seem impulsive. Your mom weighs everything but generally returns to her gut instinct.

4. Your mom and dad both think feet are their least favorite body part.

5. Your mom will generally try anything at least once. Your dad is a bit more reserved.

6. Your mom and dad are both highly opinionated. Your dad will say what’s on his mind matter of factly. Your mom, who was raised by conservative grandparents & liberal parents from a then British colony, will speak her mind but try to do so deftly.

7. Your mom and dad like cartoons and old movies.

8. Your dad is very observant. Your mom is less so which irks your dad very much.

9. Your dad has no sense of direction and has named the GPS. Your mom has a strong sense of direction and often find the GPS takes longer routes much to her chagrin.

10. Your dad is not a worrier. He takes things in stride. Your mom worries and plans for things. She’s a bit compulsive about planning.