Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Human, Big Gear

I’m starting to read about what equipment we’ll need for you, Baby Bean. We bought a book to help us with weed through the massive amount of manufacturers of baby gear. It looks to be 600 page big.

You’re dad is skeptical and thinks we should just research and wing it but I think it doesn’t hurt to reference this book. Most parents suggest this book.

I also started reading about your speech development. I didn’t know that your larynx doesn’t drop until later in life which is why you don’t come out reciting poetry immediately.

I actually find the development books and videos much more interesting than the shopping for gear books and videos. I guess that makes me different than most moms. I’m sort of deferring that to your dad. I just can’t fathom myself dealing with researching and buying gear, fixing the house, packing and cleaning the house and incubating you at the same time.

There was a time when multi-tasking was second nature to me. I’ve learned early on, I can’t do that anymore, at least not for now. There is too much for me to do but I just don’t have the endurance or physical stamina to do it now.

Something simple as cooking dinner for us has become a chore. I like cooking too. Ask anyone but the handling or raw meat for prolonged periods, which include actual cooking, gets me dizzy and light headed.

I have learned that pork chops are a good thing for you. You seem to like pork chops. It’s the one food I can cook and eat happily.

I’ve noticed that I get a little throat tightness when I take the prenatal vitamins now. The smell lingers in my throat and gets me a little nauseous.

My tummy is also tightening a bit and I’m noticing my bladder fills quicker. How’s life in the womb? Is it comfy? Are you warm? Are you getting the nutrients you want? What’s your thoughts for dinner tonight?