Thursday, January 10, 2008

I did not know... Part I

... the sheer bliss I'd feel of being able to relieve gas in the privacy of my office.

... how delicious and repulsive things could taste.

... how emotional I could get over simple words, phrases and photographs.

... the wonderful reactions I would get from my brother. His expression was reminiscient of an expression he would make when he was curious and excited as a little boy.

... how emotional a grandmom-to-be could get over a daughter's pregnancy.

... how bonds between a woman could tighten/weaken because of a pregnancy.

... how hard it would be to allow oneself to enjoy maternity clothes.

... how many superstitions and old wives tales there are about pregnancy.

... how people will never react the way you think they will react. Some may even react negatively or pessimistically.

... how matter of fact opinions can change suddenly.

... how a husband can just as easily go from shock to apprehensions to father before his offspring is born.

... how supportive and calming a husband can be.

... how unsupportive and aggravating a husband can be.

... how comfortable panel pants can be.

... how much structure plays a role in my feedings and the happiness of the belly.

... how messy I could live without breaking out into hives.

... how priorities shift suddenly without regret.

... how much love I could feel for someone I haven't seen yet outside of grainy sonograms.

... how the sound of my child's heartbeat can cause the tearducts to burst open.

... how my husband would react to the first sounds of our baby's heartbeating.

... how my husband would react to the first images of our baby moving around.

... how musical my rear could be.

... how worried yet confident things will work on I could be.

... how people would ask the most private questions/awkward questions without regard.

... how open and free I would answer/share the most private/awkward questions.