Monday, January 21, 2008

Generation Gap #1

1. Why do you have to go see the doctor every month? In my day we saw the doctor every 3 months then every 3 weeks. – Mom

2. So you are 4 months as of January 1st. – MIL
No, I’m 16 weeks as of this past Friday. – pg
But that’s not the first of the month. – MIL
Exactly. -- MIL

3. Why do you have to have all these tests? - Mom
It’s standard testing. – pg
Not when I had you. What do you learn from these tests anyway? – Mom
That the baby is ok and that the pregnancy is going as planned. – pg
I don’t understand. – Mom

4. I didn’t know what to do when he would cry because of the colic so I just cried with him. – MIL

5. I can give you your old crib and mattress. – Mom
Mom, that’s nice but safety standards have changed since the 70’s. – pg

6. Don’t get too many tests and sonograms. They’ll harm the baby. – MIL

7. When are you getting another sonogram? I'd like to be there. -- Mom

8. We didn't have sonograms back then. We sort of just did what we were told. -- Mom

9. I still don't understand. You have to see the doctor every month? -- Mom