Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The secret revealed, PawPaw and KauFu

Your PawPaw and GungGung came early to help me cook today. Your dad filmed them opening the present.

Your PawPaw was in tears. I've haven't seen your PawPaw so happy in a long time. It really made me feel good.

She's already planning a plethora of outfits for you. You're going to have tons of knitwear, Baby Bean.

She hugged me and told me she didn't think it would ever happen and that I made her very happy. It was wonderful to hear.

Your Uncle came by a little later. I wanted to surprise him personally. I gave him his present and the surprise/happy expression was all I needed. It meant alot to me to see my brother and my mom so happy and excited.

I think that was my best Christmas present.

The rest of the night was spent rocking hard on Rock Band. Towards the end we had a four piece band with my brother on vocals, my brother's girlfriend on bass, your dad on drums and me on guitar.

I think we did pretty good. We all scored pretty high! I'm going to have to get you a tamborine if this keeps up.

Well Bean, everyone now knows. Mom couldn't contain herself and started sharing the news while we were playing.

Your grandmoms swapped numbers and the Christmas card announcements have been mailed out.

At church today, Father Peter spoke of how we mustn't hide and keep the baby Jesus to ourselves. We must share the light with others.

At the time I was feeling bittersweet that your dad and I wouldn't have you to ourselves anymore. Our secret would be out.

It seemed as if the homily had duel meaning for me. After that, I knew it wouldn't be fair to hide you away. You're special and from the reactions so far, you are already so loved.

Merry Christmas, Baby Bean.