Monday, December 24, 2007

The secret revealed, MaMa

I woke up at 7:11am for my usual bathroom break. This time though, I couldn't get back to bed.

I think it's dawned on me today is the last day you are a secret that your dad and I shared. Today, your MaMa finds out. After that, the rest of the world finds out.

Tomorrow your PawPaw finds out. It will be official.

It's bittersweet I suppose. I won't have to hide it anymore (excluding work) but your dad and I will also now have to share you with the world.

I also have to prepare my skin for any weird, strange, nutty 'myths' that I'm sure to hear. Heck, I've heard enough already between work and close friends.
Your MaMa called. She opened our Christmas gift. She was in tears. She's so excited and happy. She said she was running around so happy, she didn't sit and look at her present at all. She even fought with YeYe for his gift, the t-shirt.
She's already starting a fund for you and wants to go shopping for gifts for you already.
I'm guessing you're going to be spoiled rotten by your grandparents.
I'm really happy she's happy. I didn't think it would be so exciting but it is.
She wants to know all about you already.
Here is a fun fact: she said when she was pregnant with your dad she craved lasagna. I think I now know where the tomato sauce and pasta cravings are coming from.
You are more and more like your dad. :-)