Saturday, December 22, 2007

Presents for the Grandmoms

I finished the packages for your grandparents.

Here are pictures.

Your dad sent your MaMa her package. She should get it by Christmas Eve evening.

All these months, you have been our secret. Now the world gets to know of your presence and you get to experience the shower of love you will be given.
Your dad and cousin are concerned that I may give off pregnancy vibes at the Christmas Eve get together at your cousin's house.

Now I know I'm bigger. My pants tell me that everyday but I'm pretty sure if I can get by working with obstetricians 5 days a week, and no one suspects, then I'm pretty sure that I can get by a 4 hour shindig with family.

Even if it comes out, it comes out. I have never lied about you. I don't plan to now. As long as one of your Grandmothers knows by Christmas Eve Evening, I'm perfectly ok with announcing it to the rest of the family.

The important thing is that your Grandmoms aren't surprised by someone else.