Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Books and Reading

I bought a book for your dad today. The Expectant Father.

He said, "Wow, I've seen this book before. I remember now, it was at the bookstore. I almost bought it. Thanks."

Since we found out you were blessing us with your presence, I've read several books and even pulled out some books I use at work to learn more about you.

Dad has done the same with his textbooks but everytime I tried to show him a chapter or an article, he said I was bombarding him.

I stopped and thought it would be best to let him do it at his pace.

Now when I hear he's been going to the bookstore after work and during lunch, it makes me feel like he's really interested and not just 'winging it'.

Now I'm not saying we'll find all the answers in a book. Lord knows that for every 5 books that says one thing about pregnancy, there are 10 books that say the opposite but it does feel nice to know he's really trying to learn as much as I am.

Sure he's not like me, reading and watching and researching but he does his own research and that's nice. I'm actually glad that he's the level headed one as my OCD can get the best of me.

So Bean, dad has been giving me little facts here and there about you and that's his way of participating in your growth. He may not be able to physically bear witness but he is witnessing it in a certain way.