Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 Full Time Jobs

When I was younger I thought I'd be a stay at home mom. Ok, at first I thought I'd be an actress/lawyer/mother of 3 then I thought I'd stay at home while the child was young.

Now as I'm nearer the reality of motherhood and the reality of life in NY, staying at home is not a possibility at this junction.

1. Financially, two incomes is extremely helpful. 2. I'm not sure I could deal with staying at home all day without adult contact.

So now I'm stuck planning out maternity leave and a proposal for flextime. I'm sure I'm not the first woman to say this but this brings home the fact women have a much shorter career life span than a man. Not only is it shorter, the fear of out of touch with my job lingers. The fear of appearing weak or less focused appear.

I love my job even the craziness. For over 10 years my life focus has been my career and my husband. Now, I'm shifting focus and although I am happy and ready for the challenge, after 10 years, it's a big change.