Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a very nice birthday this year. My brother, his gal, my man and I went to Sylvia's for a Gospel brunch and our first chicken and waffles.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the whole fried chicken/waffle bit. I thought it would be too much for a Sunday brunch but it hit the spot. I gobbled every last bit including my grits. mmmmmm grits. I love grits. I think I may be the only northern that likes grits. I may be the only person who loves bland grits.

My brother's gal gave me a cool ice cream lazy susan I hope to use on Thanksgiving to top the blueberry pie I plan to make for dessert.

All in all, I loved the quiet and lazy weekend, even the trip to Connecticut to get hubby's new toy.

A Gift for Me...

A Gift for Mr. PG...