Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What I learned about cruising...

1. It's not home cooking but you won't go hungry.
2. Save your money and don't frequent extra expense restaurants.
3. I heart casinos but only if my hubby is around.
4. Attending cruise shows with Pantrygirl can lead to either extreme laughter or extreme embarrassment. In some cases both. Lord help you if you attend a cruise show with Pantrygirl and Muthafunga.
5. People will pay for a cruise to play a pick up game of basketball or golf out at sea.
6. You can buy a bottle of wine and pretty much walk around like a pirate and no one will care.
7. You can buy a bucket of beer and pretty much walk around like frat boy and no one will care.
8. Lucy Ricardo was really childish and annoying. I now understand why Ricky kept spanking her and not in the kinky way either.
9. Hot tubs are for very social people and not in the fun way.
10. People will pay for a cruise to run around a deck out at sea.
11. Surprisingly, seafood isn't always the best choice out at sea.
12. Duty Free = Grey Goose and Johnnie Walker Black for everyone!
13. When you feel like you're going around in circles, you probably are.