Sunday, April 01, 2007

I need to start taking Focus Factor.

Lrudlrick, if I ever have a conversation like this with you, please put me down.

Mom: I made this blanket for my mother in law.
pg: That’s nice mom.
Mom: I figured it would make a nice throw on her bed in the old folks home.
pg: I’m sure it’s a good talking point with the residents.
Mom: I made one with red hearts and a beige outline.
pg: That’s pretty.
Mom: The hearts are red.
pg: I kind of figured.
Mom: The border is beige.
pg: Complementary.
Mom: They are big hearts linked together by the beige border.
pg: I get it. What’s the point mom?
Mom: Huh? Oh yes. So I made it for my mother in law.
pg: For her bed.
Mom: Yes for her bed. She used to have a queen bed and now at the assisted living home she has a twin bed.
pg: Ah.
Mom: She doesn’t have a lot of twin sheets and blankets so I thought she could use a twin size blanket.
Mom: Huh? Right, well, why was I telling you about the blanket?
pg: I’m not sure.
Mom: Oh yes, the old lady gets me so angry sometimes.
pg: So you made her a blanket? Wait. Nevermind, I don’t want to know. Don’t make her anymore blankets.