Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nowhere did they mention Bob was Jewish.

Spent Sunday with my brother, cousins and friends eating like a pig. We took part in the treasure hunt of food around the Village. I don’t know how people do it with strangers. I found fascinating how everyone’s personalities and traits worked to our advantage when hunting for places, food and trivia.

We split up into two teams of 4. It was the perfect day for an outing. It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cool. When you’re running around 7th avenue looking for obscure answers you break a sweat. The greasy grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, cheeses, paratha and an assortment of sweets didn’t linger long. The calories were burnt off in no time flat.

Highlights include:
Midge's root beer float does not equal coffee
Lrudlrick and I staring at a wall of newspaper clippings like idiots
Lakshmi's pineapples
Lrudlrick searching for Poe's house. He's lived everywhere.
Mom packing chicken roll and beef jerkey for me
0.6 lbs of biscotti
Muthafunga and his cheese
My obsessive compulsive self reading like my life depended on answering the trivia questions

In the end, we didn’t win but we did tie for third with my brother. Lrudlrick and I were so full, we didn’t have room for dinner.

I love that daylight stays around longer. I’m feeling a bit more productive now. When I get home, I get more done. The dogs are individually walked. This started after P-man got tangled with Z-girl during a territorial bark fest and pinched his nerve. For two days he couldn’t make left turns. Since then, when the weather is nice, I take them separately to allow him a more leisurely walk. Z-girl is more of a business minded walker. P-man socializes.

After the individual walks which increases my walk time to 45-50 minutes, I start dinner and then meditate for 30 minutes. I haven’t been faithful with this but I’m trying to get better. I really do feel better after I relax.

I’ve also been experimenting again with recipes. Now that I have time before dinner, I read and plot out different cooking methods. Now if only my bank account would allow for more meat purchases so I can experiment more.

All in all, I finally feel like Spring is upon us and I’m looking forward to storing away my heavy winter jacket and putting skirts back on.