Sunday, March 18, 2007

A 30 minute hike in the snow and ice...

We took the kids out to the park for a hike in the snow. Sure, it was a bit nippy but watching them hiking without their leashes in the snow and ice was worth it. I love how P-man will occasionally look behind to check up on me as I carefully make my way up and down the icy staircase.

Lrudlrick nicknamed P and Z, Buck and Balto for the day. By the time we made up to the last tier of steps, both the dogs and the humans looked ready for a nap. To make sure the kiddies would have a good night’s rest, we sat at a bench and took turns brushing their fur to give them a cool down massage. The fur was definitely flying and I wound up with more fur on my coat than on the brush.

Right now, the pooches are passed out cold in our living room, a true sign of a successful long walk.

The past few weeks haven’t been different in the work front. It’s still too busy for one person. Lrudlrick is still too busy. The only difference is I’m trying to remember once again, my life should not revolve around my job. I know I lapse often but I’m making a diligent effort this Lenten season.

It’s not only for my benefit but the benefit of my loved ones. If I allow my job to consume me completely, I will never ever have the time to be with the ones I love or do the things I liked to do.

I’ve signed for CCD classes and will begin training to be a teacher in April. I’m also trying to spend at least an hour each day on myself. I spend this time doing something good for me. Sometimes it’s reading, sometimes it’s meditating, sometimes it’s cooking.

With the weather warming up, I hope to pull myself out of the hibernation soon and get myself back out into the world.

The bear hopefully has awakened and I’m ready to leave the cave.