Monday, February 05, 2007

My mom likes to beat up bunnies.

I know. I know. I missed The Carnival of Bauer. It’s not because I didn’t watch it. I did and to be frank, it was a filler episode. Aside from the is Milo a spy or is the middle eastern chick a spy debate, there wasn’t anything that left me at the edge of my seat last week. Even Karen’s resignation and Chad Lowe’s introduction was weak.

I missed the carnival because of work. For the last three weeks, I’ve been traversing the island Manhattan and working in the office on the weekends to catch up on my ‘real’ job. I’m pooped.

I’m slowly weaning myself from the office visits but it’s going to take some time.

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s impending birthday. My cousin came down from Boston for the weekend and joined in the festivities. It was good to see her.

We introduced mom to the Wii and I haven’t seen her that happy and giddy in ages. She absolutely loved it. The best part of the night was watching my mother box her husband.

Lrudlrick was surprised at how happy the Wii made my mother. He didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to introduce the Wii to her. “You really think your mom would want to play the Wii?” Well, hours into the game play, Lrudlrick was silenced.

The weather, work and Saturday’s festivities led us to pass on our friend’s Super Bowl party. Instead we opted to stay in. Of course, this also allowed me to watch the best part of the Super Bowl At least, for this year, Puppy Bowl. Yes, I’m a Puppy Bowl fan. I watch Meerkat Manor. Would you ever doubt I’d watch the Puppy Bowl.

pg: I wonder if the ref is a real ref or an actor? Maybe he’s a dog trainer.
L: I’m pretty sure he’s not a real ref.
pg: Did you know the Puppy Bowl has steadily increased viewership since 2005 and that all the pups shown are adopted? Looks like the winning toy is the neon hedgehog.
L: You know that you’re analyzing the Puppy Bowl. You’re providing color commentary.
pg: You laugh now but when it’s time to phone that friend, I’ll be the one on your speed dial.

The commercial that gets me the most is the one with David Duchovny voicing the animals in the shelter. “I don’t know what I did to get here.” Holy cow, the images of the sad pooches makes me turn into Ralph Kramden. I’d be running out with every pooch.

The Samoyeds got me at the Puppy Bowl. They were just big puff clouds running around.

Speaking of commercials, none of the Super Bowl commercials stuck with me. Some were humorous, like Bud’s Rock, Paper, Scissor and Snicker’s Man Kiss, but none were standout ads.

The game overall was filled with challenges and turnovers. The first 14 seconds were great but then it sort of fizzled for me.

In the sports front, the All Star game in Yankee Stadium means only one thing. My brother is probably going to sell his own blood to get tickets. I’d love to go but the ticket prices are probably going to be out of my range.

I do plan to grab a few more games than my average 3 games per season this year. We’ll see what happens.

Oh my brother got a super cool mouse that is shaped like a Yankee baseball cap. Super cool find, Wai!