Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is there a robot to help walk dogs yet?

We have a new robot. Meet the new addition to our family, SpotBot. He’s so cool, he doesn’t need a name. Ok, we haven’t named him yet. We’re just amazed at the work he does.

I’ve been eyeing this puppy since I read it won the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. With two dogs, a steam cleaner is a must. We already have a upright Bissell but felt a targeted cleaner wouldn’t hurt.

So with the Christmas money we received, we invested in Spotty. Hmm, Spotty might work.

We had a hard time getting it to start. If you experienced lack of suction and spraying get your mind out of the gutter, does this little trick I found:

Switch it to manual. On ravel the hose and start on regular cycle. Over a cup or bowl, for the next two minutes continue to pump the trigger to assist the siphoning. dirty dirty Soon you’ll see a stream of cleanser squirt out of the hose. Ok, I’m going to wash my mouth out with soap now.

So far, we’re loving this baby. It’s actually entertaining to watch Spotty do his thing. Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch as he goes through a 6 minute deep clean cycle. Gasp in disgust as the see through tank fills up with grey murkiness that you didn’t know existed on your carpet.

I felt like Deborah in everybody loves Raymond when Marie sent the steam cleaning saleslady to her house. I was horrified at the dirty water.

My husband even did a upright steam clean patch and then set SpotBot on the same spot to see what would happen. The water was still murky grey!

I’m researching but it looks like you may get some discount if you are an owner of a Bissell and order the cleaning solutions from their website. That would be an added bonus as we have two Bissell’s now and could use a break on the solution.

Slowly but surely, my house is being overrun by bots. Could my apartment be the central headquarters for the bot uprising of 2014?

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