Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two lost souls, on the highway of life...

I’d like to getaway in March. I’m leaning towards Europe. I can’t let work take over my life. Unfortunately, I can’t plan anything until Lrudlrick gets a stronghold on how this data conversion will fair.

I’ve contemplated going away on my own for a few days. I like the idea but I’m too cheap to do it. I don’t mind spending money on a holiday with people. I have an issue with doing so for my own gratification. I know this doesn’t make sense coming from a woman who dreams of a carousel conveyor for her shoes.

I contemplated going to culinary camp but I calculated the costs to be over a grand. I can’t justify a holiday for one being over a grand.

Plus, I have the added effect that Lrudlrick is feeling pretty bad about the past three months. He tries to occasionally go out with me for a jaunt but I know when it’s just the two of us, his mind is on work. I can see the cogs moving.

I’m busy too but the fact is, most of my work although on a time table is not as rigid as his.

I understand right now work is priority but I do occasionally miss him. It’s not as if we do anything special when we’re together. We just are. We’re not social party animals. We’re not clubbing or bar hopping. We’re just Lrudlrick and Pantrygirl, two geeks who love technology and television.

"Where ever we go. Whatever we do. As long as you've got me and I've got you, we've got a lot because we've got each other!"