Monday, January 15, 2007

B is for Bauer!

The following thoughts happened in real time.

Peter McNichol = this season's token pasty white guy. What’s up with the Droopy D cheeks?

When did Wayne get smart? He’s still a puppet.

Chloe’s husband is back. Oh and the Six Feet Under Kid seems to be a new addition to CTU.

Nice hairdo, Chloe. Chloe getting a grown up hairdo with highlights.

Curtis is back. Black Jack and that isn't a Cingular endorsement.

Bill Buchanan’s white hair. Obviously 20 months without Jack has been hard on Bill.
Anyone else think Jack looks like a Sirius Black double?

What did they trade with the Chinese for Jack’s release?
Shouldn’t be Jack be checked by medic and checked for implanted bugs?
If you haven’t spoken in two years, wouldn’t you need a Ricola, Salt water gargle or a few shots of Vicks spray?

If Jack’s first words are, “Where’s Kim?” Smack him.

Damn, what did Jack do? What happened in Beirut? Is this in reference to something with Behrooz and his crazy mom and dad?

First commercial. Next scene will be of a clean shaven Jack.

What no Treos? Is the endorsement still with Sprint? Bill and Karen! Get out! Guess CTU people don’t read pg’s guide to working at CTU.
24 Fact #110: Do not have family or loved ones.

Jack’s interrogation. Oh, man, I can’t wait to see Bauer’s new techniques. I’m sure he’s picked up a thing or two in China.

Cisco phones. CTU ring tone. Muthafunga, did you download it yet?

Stop picturing Nadia and I in a threesome, Morris.

Told you Jack would be clean shaven.

Jack flinched! Jack doesn’t flinch. Jack shouldn’t flinch.

Did the country hold special elections after President Weasel and his staff were pulled down?

Great, convention centers in Philly, Detroit and LA. Riots and National Guards will be deployed again.

Sony Vaio.

What’s up with the purple? Droopy has a purple tie. Buchanan has a purple shirt.

Dying for something versus dying for nothing. Jack, you’ve died more times than, well, has anyone ever tallied how many times Jack has officially been dead?

Guess Cingular is the new official phone of ‘24’.

Token teen with angst. The angst will only get worse when his dad gets hurt.

Kumar! Where’s Harold?

Morris is a sneaky tech for hire. Morris you are going to get Chloe in trouble and you killed.

Is there a universal handcuff key? Just curious.

Damn, satellite surveillance is quick. Of course Chloe gets no repercussions. Bill like Chloe too much.

Oh man, more torture devices. Pliers can’t be good.

So Assad is good and Fayed is bad or so it seems.

Wasn’t Bill’s shirt and tie purple before? Now it’s blue.

Kumar, say it ain’t so!

Holy crap! Jack’s loco! Kiefer channeled The Lost Boys for that scene.

Lrudlrick: See, he could have gotten out of China anytime he wanted. It was a vacation for him.

L: So what did we give China for Jack?
We still don’t know, maybe it’s Kim and Audrey.

It just so happens a car is nearby and a cellphone with charged battery is available.

It’s a Nextel phone. Guess Sprint is still the preferred cellular service of ‘24’.

24 Fact #352: When Jack says to trust him, you trust him.

What the heck would make your hand jaundiced?

Karen, reread fact #352.

Everyone has GPS on their phone in LA.

L: Is it a Ford F150?

He’s like Pikachu, he chooses Kumar who had to deliver a package, please let it not be Kim or Audrey.

Seriously after 2 years of torture, Jack shouldn’t be as physical fit as he is.

It’s the ER doctor! The transponder is a person.

24 Fact #86: Trust issues and hatred are prevalent.

L: I have to get GPS on my phone now.

Are the writers commenting on the current climate of freedom of information?

Not to be stereotypical but we all knew 227 girl was going to be Wayne’s brother. Ah, the Treos returns.

Where do we know that guy from?
L: I don’t remember but he’s going to be 227’s downfall.

Chloe’s heart just skipped a beat.

Great exposition Chloe, just in case no one knows, Bill married the Scarecrow.

Days! Try being interrogated for 20 months!

Why’d I stop? Well, either I’m soft or ok, I’m soft.
Mental note: A knife to the knee is not desirable.
L: Yes, but it is effective.

Jack need a big bear hug.

It’s the geek battle of the year: FireDog vs. Geek Squad. Black and Green vs. Black and White.

Kumar’s back would have been bloody and glass shard not just his thigh.

Teen angst looks familiar and I still can’t figure out where I know 227’s man. It’s going to eat at me until I know.

L: Ill. Look at that growth on that kid’s neck next to Bauer.
You find that disgusting but Jack’s back not so much?
L: I’m just saying. That’s not normal.

I’ve never been on a LA train but do they have a ticket person?

Yeah, I see a suspicious package.

Cool special effects. Tunnel explosion. Big poof. Fireball.

Who was that unmasked man in a grey Henley?

No kidding, it’s going to get worse, Wayne. You and Karen need to trust Jack a bit more.

The kill count is being tabulated:

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