Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today's show is brought to you by the letter...

My husband called the vet. The MA said the results are in and look good. She couldn’t tell us in detail what it may be but the vet should be calling us tonight to discuss.

That will be the best Christmas present.

My stepdad’s father passed away last week. The funeral mass was held on Saturday. The best thing I can say is that he didn’t suffer for long. Joe is bringing his mom back to the states for a few months. I’ve told him and his daughter if they need to stay back home do not come back to NYC on our account. It’s important to settle the estate and do what needs to be done.

Mutha came back from the family reunion rested and relaxed. Well, if you don’t count the crazy murmuring man in his connecting flight from Denver, the brake issue with his car and our mom being our mom.

My first cousin is out of the hospital again but may need to return if her sugar levels continue to sky rocket. They’re not sure if the corti-steriods used during the asthma attacks are causing the spike but she needs close monitoring.

My other cousin got engaged and my other cousins keep popping out babies.

I made enough cookies to feed my block and then some and for the first time in a long time, I made it under budget for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. In fact, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners only had enough leftovers for one night.

New Year’s breakfast should be under as well.

Work has been awfully busy. Lrudlrick has been working non-stop, even during Christmas Eve and Day. Unfortunately we both have heightened deadlines with slow response times from vendors, clients and staff due to the holiday season. Still, we do what needs to be done.

I’m not a resolutions person as I find it’s too easy to break them before I can get them done on paper. I’m more introspective around this time.

What I’ve learned in 2006:

I’ve resigned myself to thinking differently than others around me.
I’ve resigned myself to never understanding how certain things work and tick.
I’ll never understand the darn 3 quart 5 quart riddle yet I’ll always ask for another explanation.
I need to spend time away from home with my husband this coming year.
I don’t need frequent trips to see family and friends to still feel in touch. I’ve realized that my dogs are my children in all seriousness.
I don’t want to live in New York forever.
I’m ok with being non-descript.
Custard is good.
You can do just about anything with cherries.
My husband really doesn’t like fish but tolerates it without whining.
I don’t want to work alone and the extra work needed to supervise a team is well worth it and much needed.
I’m happiest doing when a job is accomplished.
I really like argyle socks.
I want to do more in my church.
I fall into smit very easily.
I also fall out of smit just as quickly.
I really like kids and not just as little people I can return at the end of the day.
I learned the difference between sci-fi and fantasy.
Nothing makes my husband laugh harder than watching Match Game.
My husband likes to say, “brilliant,” but not in that sarcastic New York way but the London way.
Emmett Otter is boring.
My DVR allows me to search for 4 star movies.
All Mine to Give is a sad, sad movie. No matter how hard you wish, there is no happy ending.
Yes, you can have too much chocolate.