Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas had a stealth suit on this year

I’ll be honest; Christmas snuck up on me. I’m woefully unprepared this year. Lrudlrick has been working day and night since Thanksgiving. He’s battling the same cold I have except he’s staying up until 3am programming.

I’m preparing for the pilot go live on Monday with no equipment. Can someone tell me how telling me how I’m supposed to understand someone telling me it takes 3 days to get the order means it takes 10 days to process the purchase order plus 3 days for shipment?

Have the staff is out sick not that that matters to me seeing as my staff is non-existent. Yet, my head is high and I’m standing by realistic optimist approach to life.

So hear I am on December 1st without a single gift. I’ve purchased only two gifts and both were for my canine companions. Sad. So sad. Usually by this time, I’ve created my design for the Christmas cards, prepared the wrapping table to start wrapping gifts, decided on my cookie collection and narrowed down my Christmas feast menu.

Strangely enough, I’m not freaking out this year. I’m rather calm for a woman who hasn’t done a lick of holiday preparations and mother-in-law visit prep.Well, I may deluding myself but hey, whatever keeps me from going postal. I purchased my Christmas stamps today and I’m planning to write out my Christmas cards this weekend. I went out and bought cards. Gasp.

I also plan to do some shopping in between taking my dog to the vet. Z-girl has a bump on her hind leg. I’m not sure what it is. I think it may be a cyst. I may meet up with my brother tomorrow which would be nice but he is working so we’re playing it by ear.

My preliminary plan is to take care of the tree and decorations next weekend, cookies and dinner the following weekend and worrying about New Year’s brunch later. In between, I figure out the menu and prepare the house for my MIL and FIL’s visit.

It will all be fine.

Mother had her surgery and she’s home refusing to live on the first floor until her knee heels. I believe she has a strong separation anxiety about the house that is unfortunate. I sent her information on receiving a pass for transit rides. I’m surprised she hasn’t done so yet but I think she’s also reluctant to apply for any assistance for those temporarily disabled. I don’t blame her; it’s human nature but there is nothing wrong with taking help if it’s offered.

Right now, my biggest concern is the health of my brother and my husband. They both are under stress and have had little time to rest or decompress. Lrudlrick apologized early this morning for his harried schedule. It’s not his fault and I understand even though I occasionally pout about it. My schedule can be and currently is just as insane.

Is it our field or is this prevalent elsewhere? Here’s hoping January will start a more leisurely year.