Friday, October 27, 2006

A weary mind & body heads home

Monday: It's 8:50pm and I just got out of work. I came in at 7:45am. I will
probably do this again tomorrow.

Tuesday: It's tomorrow today. After a 12 hour day, I did nothing at home
except watch Heroes and contemplate wearing black to an evening
wedding in the Fall.
For the first time in a long time I didn't wish to stay in bed this morning.

Just came back from running home from the bus stop. I accidentally
locked my husband in the bedroom. See honey, I admit when I do
doofy things too.

I'm running late now but I'm not panicking. I can't solve everything
in a day.
Going back to the waking up bit, I realize my day will probably be as
chaotic if not more so today yet the fact that I'm not alone in the
burden this week comforts me. Sure the eventual outcome is on me but
it's not as heavy a load when you have help.
Lrudlrick has to fly out tomorrow for a business meeting. My MIL has
decided to come down in November for a wedding. Normally this would
bring out Mothra but at this point I could care less if my dirty
knickers are strewn all over the bedroom. Ok, maybe a little.
The wedding is at 6:30 on a Friday. Both of us have to work that day
so I'm hoping my MIL does not think it rude of me to leave her in the
house all day.

Friday and I'm beat. I wore sneakers all week knowing I'd be running
around all week. I have plenty to work on tomorrow but tonight my
brain rests.

There were a lot of bumps during training but I remind myself
implementations that run smooth are not normal.

I have to say though that I have good friends and family that seem to
know when I need a laugh or a reprieve from work related thought and

Through the chaos, I'm still grateful and am blessed to be intrusted
to do what I do and have the love of family & friends. Man, I must be
a glutton for punishment.