Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Look honey, I released a naked Storm Trooper into cyberspace

I’m not a social butterfly. I much rather keep to myself, especially at work. However, I do make it a point to go out to lunch with a colleague or two at least once a week. The problem with these lunches is that I usually leave a little disheartened. I learn more about my organization than I chose to, most of it negative.

True, many times I should chalk it up to gossip but when several people reiterate the message, you begin to question the validity.

Lrudlrick and I have talked awhile about how if circumstances move me in another direction, I will consider slowing down my life, moving away from the big city and focus on family.

It’s all together very tempting, especially when you are in a pressure cooker work place. In today’s workplace, more and more is placed on a single person. What’s worse is not the lack of recognition but the lack of support. When you give of yourself, you should have the support from the leaders to drive you to move on. Many of my friends and colleagues in the field say they do not. Loyalty and Confidence are leaving our workplace. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here do not reflect on a single institution. One should not imply these opinions are directed towards any particular work environment.

In my Betty Crocker world, I was asked to be a judge for a pie contest. I was going to enter but being asked I suppose is a privilege. I’ll enter next year. I still plan to make my first pie for the season this week. I plan to make a Cherry pie.

I also pulled out my crock-pot this morning. First crock-pot meal of the fall will be brisket. I decided on brisket because I’ve made an addict of my husband. I introduced him to the brisket sandwich at local restaurant I used to frequent a lot in the mid-90’s. Lately, I’ve been finding myself heading down to the West Village more and more. I’m not sure why but it’s like home base now. It’s comforting to know I’m not meandering around the upper Westside searching for a place to chill. I know pretty much any place I stop at in the West Village is a place I can hang my hat at and stay for a while.

On the television front, I’ve taped a lot but watched a little. I’m now obsessed with a new video game. Yes, it’s been awhile since a video game has enticed me but Legos Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is so much fun, I can’t help but look forward to playing a new level every chance I get.

For me the most fun is the multi-player option. A friend can jump in and out at anytime. It reminds me of the days of Contra. My brother and I would spend hours playing Contra. Sibling battles occurred often about how one of us kept killing each other by moving them to the ‘end of the screen’.

I started to relive that a little with Star Wars with Lrudlrick. The big difference is my husband has not learned the art of direction.

pg: You killed me again! If you’re going to move ahead, tell me to catch up or else I fall off the screen and die.

L: Pay attention then.

pg: I can’t keep an eye on you while fighting off storm troopers. Just holler out if you’re moving ahead. It’s not hard to say ‘left’ or ‘north’.

Minutes later………
L: This way! This way! This way! This way!

pg: Dude, I’m busy trying not to get stepped on by an AT-ST. To the left! To the left! There’s a heart. I need a health heart! Oh man, you missed all those coins and health! Quick before they disappear!

L: They’ll always be coins around.

pg: I’m not speaking to you. I need those coins to buy the Jawa.

Yes, you can shop in the game, at the cantina to be precise. While my husband is pretty good at the Jedi skills, I’m fairly decent with the shooting but awesome with the money collecting. I run my character over to the coins faster than I run myself to a Stuart Weitzman semi-annual sample sale.

The coins collected not only increase your True Jedi points but also allow you to buy extras and characters. See, I needed a Jawa to help me get into a secret area in the Jundland Wastes. It’s extremely addicting and I’m hoping to show my brother the game tonight in between innings.

Check out the trailer, if you’re interested. There’s also a free demo online at the Lucas arts site.

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