Thursday, October 05, 2006

I won't lie; I would have gladly taken an old man cane chair than stand for 4 hours.

Muthafunga reminded me;I forgot to mention the concert we went to together. We went to check out Jamie Cullum a few weeks back and I will say he puts on a good show. He’s also 2 inches taller than me but that’s just a bit of trivia. I didn’t bring a camera because, well, I didn’t really want to carry to much with me but in the end I should have. All my photos on my phone were very blurry.

The opening act was Josh Ritter, a folk singer, and although he didn’t sound awful, he’s goofy smile and the Beelzebot bassist was throwing me for a loop.

I had a great time and would love to see him again but I hope next time I won’t be near the Brazilian girl with the whipping scarf. Honestly, how do you whip your scarf around to ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’?

Thanks go to PianoMarn for posting a great video from the concert.

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