Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Does the 40 hour work week still exist?

It's 7:30pm and neither of us has made it home yet.

Tonight I have a reprieve. We're copying dBs so I'm heading home to relax alittle before tomorrow.

I'm officially a grown up. It's my birthday tomorrow and all I care about is getting as much built into my dB as possible.

Times like these thrill and terrify me. I'm not bored at work but I barely have a chance to breathe.

This time next year will I feel the same? Will I be working or will I be starting a family? Will I be doing what I do or will I take the leap and change careers? Will I want a career?

It's actually scary; what will I be a year from now? Where will I be?

Most women my age are weighing the career vs family options. I 'm no longer wanting a career but am not hungering for a family.

I thought this indecisiveness left as you got older. I feel more muddled than ever.

The answer isn't appearing tonight. The best I can do tonight is rest.

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