Monday, September 25, 2006

This would have been easier if he studied Shaolin

I’m a bit cranky. I don’t like deadlines for silly things to consume me yet I feel surrounded by deadlines.

Anyway, last week, my husband swore up and down that he could fit Clyde in any parking spot. Well, he was put the test last Tuesday when we found a spot that was the exact fit for our car. I mean exact. Take a look.

That is Clyde sandwiched between another mini cooper and an Jeep SUV. As he parked the car, pedestrians stopped and commented, some positive, some negative. One Russian gentleman even went so far as to try to move the parked mini in front of us with brute force. He was unsuccessful.

In the end, Lrudlrick squeezed Clyde into this spot with more determination than sweat. Still it was a feat worthy of an SUV filled with Hispanic men stopping and taking snapshots of the tight squeeze. Two of the men rolled down their windows and gave us a thumbs up sign and then drove off.

With the days getting longer for me and my evening’s trips reduced, Clyde will be staying in the garage for a few days. Hopefully he’ll place nice with others.

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