Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Class of 2006-2007: The Candidates So Far

Since I was so particular with my shows last year, this year I decided to give my attention to many of the new shows debuting this fall season.

Of course, I didn’t calculate how much time this required of me. Still so far I’ve checked out the following shows:

The Class
‘Til Death
Happy Hour

Some were planned; others accidental. I also planned to check out ‘Help Me Help You’ but alas DVR is tapping multi-shows and it had to sacrificed. If you’ve seen this show and say it’s worth an episode, I might check it out.

Now my rule is simple, I have too many standing shows I watch so if you don’t reach by episode #2, you drop off my DVR list. Tough breaks but you only get two shots with me.

The first casualty on my list was ‘Standoff’. In fact, it dropped off my list after one episode. There was too much focus on the individual employees and not on the actual hostage incident. Plus, there was Moonlighting vibe going on that left a bad taste in my mouth. If they started out with focus on the incident and eventually over time moved towards the personal life of the negotiators, I may have been more interested. To the writers of Standoff: Follow the CSI approach: less personal more about the case.

‘Til Death’ and ‘Happy Hour’ are the shows that popped on while I was figuring out when ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘The Office’ would be returning. Since there wasn’t anything else premiering and my ‘Little House on the Prairie’ phase is waning, I decided to leave them on. By the way, I’m still at 67% complete with the LHotP episode watching. I’m slowly pushing away from my goal but I’m not causing it a lost cause yet. Still 67% is nothing to sneeze about. If you ever have a LHotP question in a trivia tourney, you can always depend on me as your lifeline.

I don’t love either show but I don’t hate them either. I predict at a better time slot, they may find an audience but they most likely won’t last the season.

‘Smith’ almost lost me after the first ep. I’m pretty certain it’s not going to make it past this season still my husband counts Ray Liotta as one of his ‘boys’ so I plan to continue to tape it. I gave it another chance last night which only confirmed my suspicion. If Smith’s accomplices don’t get him caught, ending the series or converting it to a Prison Break/The Fugitive drama, the ratings will. I just don’t feel any compassion or interest in any character. The blonde gal makes me want to smack her silly. The blonde guy makes me want to smack him silly. Nothing against blondes. I love blondes. My best friend was a blonde and I married a strawberry blonde.

‘Shark’ and ‘Justice’ are one in the same show, smarmy lawyer thinks he’s the cherry. I’m giving ‘Shark’ another try because his relationship with his daughter and his career change from defense to prosecuting should humanize him a bit. I’ll be honest about ‘Justice’, I’m not a Victor Garber fan. I don’t know what it is about him but he gets under my skin and I don’t like that feeling. Maybe it’s his smarminess. Still, I’m watching ‘Justice’ because of one thing, the last 5 minutes where they show you what really happened. Sure I’ve predicted it three times but it’s still fun to watch.

‘Kidnapped’ was a last minute add on because I was high on Nyquil. I’m not sure why I taped it but I did and I plan to give it one more shot. I wasn’t in love with the show but I didn’t hate the show. I want to see the son kick some ass and I’d like to see how the FBI agent is related to the body guard. I have no compassion for the father and I hate to say this but I feel as if he’s part of the whole kidnapping. Then again, Dana Delany can pull a Manchurian Candidate and it still wouldn’t be shocking. It’s hard to feel bad for a rich, wealthy family especially when they keep talking about calling ‘Daddy’ to solve things and speaking in French.

‘The Class’ has potential but it’s not an absolutely keeper for me. There were great lines from the twin sister and the effeminate husband. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make it a Friend’s like story how a group of uniquely different people interact. I’m not sure how people will take to the suicidal redhead. I know he does it for laughs but he’s battling some serious depression. Still it has the carryover from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ so they should do fine.

Lastly is ‘Heroes’. I wanted to hate this show. I wanted to say, “I told you so” but I actually like the premise. Call me a geek. Call me a sci-fi head. Hiro and his friend are my favorites. Hiro is what geeks like me aspire to be, dorky but cool dorky in a dorky way. The cheerleader is annoying me a bit but have a dad that could be evil, the pressure of high school to be like everyone else, newly acquired hormonal angst and a mom that considers the Pomeranian your younger brother and you get pass. I hope people enjoy it enough to keep ratings up. I hope the hype doesn’t dwindle the audience as I predict it may. If it does though I hope the Sci-Fi network picks this up.

‘Heroes’ could find a nice home along side ‘Doctor Who’.

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