Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why my In-laws should retire in FL instead of PA

I had a dream last night I was laid off. According to the online dream interpretation site: “Fired: To dream that you are fired from your job indicates that you are wanting to end some relationship or situation in your waking life. It also suggests that you are repressing what you really desire most.”

I couldn’t find ‘laid off’ in the guide.

Personally, I think being ‘laid off’ is worse than getting fired. ‘Laid off’ to me means you’re doing your job, we like you but you’re the low man on the totem pole so we have to let you go. ‘Fired’ means you’re not doing your job so don’t expect a recommendation.

After yesterday’s post, Lrudlrick told me that he was willing to drop everything now and let me quit my job. “We’ll move and you can do your cooking and charity work. You like doing that stuff.” Coming from Lrudlrick it sounds like I’m a lady who likes to lunch. I guess there are worse things.

It felt really good to hear that he was willing and understanding. It's a big sacrifice and it was surprising but reassuring to hear I had support for whatever I decided to do. “Now is the time to do it. If you want to leave the rat race, do it now and figure out what you want in life before we finalize the kid or no kid thing.”

It made me realize how much we’ve grown and how much we will continue to grow together.

I’m not just ready to drop my career but it’s nice to know that I have the support if I decide to switch gears.

It’s actually appropriate as today is our 5th anniversary of our engagement. On this day at approximately 8:45pm, Lrudlrick proposed to me for the second time.

He had planned a long vacation to Orlando. The plan was to hit every amusement park while we were still young and without a brood to hold us back from acting like kids. We drove down in our CRV, C-3. We took shifts and made it there in less than 19 hours. I remember Lrudlrick had set up the back with Xbox, DVDs and Antenna TV. I kept laughing how unbelievably nutty it was for us to be playing Xbox games on a black and white television.

Lrudlrick booked us at the Hard Rock Hotel so we could get early admission passes to the Universal amusement parks. We spent less time at the hotel so in retrospect the money we spent on housing could have been saved and used on the souvenirs we bought but at least we could say we got to gondola between the park and our hotel.

We hit every amusement park and nearly every evening parade and show. We went on a helicopter ride around the parks and even went on the slingshot ride that nearly broke my finger.

The one thing I wanted to do was swim with the dolphins but of course reservations were booked nearly a year in advance so we spent our time petting dolphins instead at SeaWorld.

That night Lrudlrick kept making a point to get to the Shamu show early. He sighted the fact that we were late for the Disney Mickey Magic show and had to watch the show sitting apart from each other. We must have gotten to the stadium a good half hour before the show but I didn’t complain. I was tired. It was one the last parks we were to visit before heading home. I was hot, sweaty and looking forward to a nice swim at the hotel.

When the show finally started, they began showing faces in the audience and everyone cheered. Personally, I was thinking, Thank God no one is here that knows me because I look horrible. I’m a sticky mess and my makeup slide off my face 6 hours ago.

That’s when the damn camera swung to zoom in on my shiny forehead. Great. Ok. Smile, pg. Smile and wave and it will swing away. Shoot. Why isn’t it swinging away? Does my forehead look that big? God, I look like Sade.

Then a bubble popped up over Lrudlrick’s head, “Kiss me” it said. So I kissed him.

“Kiss me again.” Ok, someone is getting his kicks off of this but ok. So I kissed him.

“Kiss me again.” At this point I am now looking directly at the screen with a “WTF” face. Mind you, this was prior to the laser surgery so I was also squinting to read the bubbles. Imagine an Asian woman with a Sade forehead, shiny and sweaty from the humid Florida heat squinting. Ok, stop laughing.

“I was thinking…” I’m squinting even harder now.

“Pantrygirl……..” How the hell does the camera guy know my name?

“Will you marry me?” I’m squinting even harder now.

The reality of the question doesn’t hit me until the entire crowd started screaming and pointing at me.

My response and I’m not joking was, “What?” I turned into a complete blonde. When I finally realized what was going on, Lrudlrick was on his knees holding a ring in front of me and I totally flipped out.

Of course I had to say yes, the slick man knew that I couldn’t say no in front of all those people.

After the show, everyone came to congratulate us.

We went home, showered and planned our announcements to our parents. While we were discussing it Friends was on television. We weren’t fans of Friends but that night we were hooked. It was a repeat of the episode where Chandler and Monica are planning their wedding.

We had dinner and toasted to our engagement. The next day we went to Epcot and had our faces and names etched in their Leave a Legacy display to mark the occasion.

For the next two years we spent the time procrastinating and staving off crazy requests from our parents.

So that’s my engagement story. Tomorrow I’ll explain why Lrudlrick chose August 29th.

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