Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why does every discussion on fear reference Yoda?

Day Two: Fear motivates many.
He is human. No matter what, he's just like everyone else. He has fear and may react in a certain way but it is not directed at me, my husband or his family. It's a defense mechanism. Do not take it personal.

L: I don't understand what your problem is with him. It's not like he did all that stuff to you.
pg: Well he did it to the person I love so of course I'm going to be upset. I came with my baggage and you came with yours. Now it's our baggage.

However, baggage does not give me the right to be impolite and disrespectful. An apology for the past won't happen and even if it did, it's not my place to instigate it.

All I can do is look to the future and be thankful that my husband does not perpetuate the cycle of denial and cowardice.

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