Monday, August 07, 2006

Breaking the fast

Books and opinions differ on how to break a fast.

Some say it takes just as long as the length of the fast.
Others say it takes half the time.

My theory is reintroduce food to your body as if you were a baby. Start with fruits and veggies then grains than protein/meats. Avoid processed items. The point of the fast was to detoxify your body of the impurities that linger over time. Why start right away bringing those toxins back in?

A heard somewhere that a pitta constitution, which if you haven't realized by reading this blog is my dominant dosha, have strong digestive systems, physically and mentally. This makes it easier for us to break fasts quicker.

I'll be honest and tell that I did have something more than fruits and veggies on my first day of breaking the fast. I had steamed veggies with tofu and boy was that delicious.

On my second day I craved what I had as a little girl, peanut noodles. A nutritional psychotherapist participating in the fast told my cousin and I to listen to what our bodies naturally crave. I've been doing so and it craved peanut butter noodles. I didn't make a large bowl and only used a teaspoon of paste but it was satisfying.

My husband was craving ice cream so we took a stroll to our neighborhood grocery store. Usually I buy a little treat too with him but this time I had no craving for ice cream. I had a craving for something cool and creamy but didn't know what in particular until I found myself in front of the yogurt aisle. I picked the most delicious pear and raspberry organic yogurt. I had about 3 ounces and it totally satisfied me.

I know it's not going to last. I know that living in the city, there are too many temptations but I'm not as bad as others. I don't have a large sweet tooth and I'm content with simple things like a plain bowl of oatmeal.

I do look forward though to maybe meeting up with my cousin towards the end of the month and grabbing a burger at the Shake Shack.

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