Monday, August 07, 2006

A blessing from detoxing

I went into the detox to get away from the city, to realign my body, to realign my mind and to learn a little something about the practice of yoga.

The chaos of the city and my job as a project manager was piling on. The office politics was taking a toll on my sanity and what really mattered in my life, my home and personal time, were suffering for it.

The biggest thing I learned doing the detox was I multi-task too much. I get caught up and yes, I do take tasks one at a time sometimes but not enough.

Coming home early, I caught my husband in the middle of his 'Mothra' attack. I guess it would be a 'Mortho'? He wanted to welcome me home to a clean house. Of course, when my husband cleans, that means a lot of distractions. Take for example the living room. He'll start by cleaning the table tops and then realize that the drawers need to be cleaned out so he empties everything onto the floor to clean. Then while he does that he thinks the cushions should be washed so he takes them off and runs them downstairs. While he's at that he figures he should also wash the runners in the hallway so he takes those to the wash. Then he figures while the floors are bare he should vacuum, sweep and mop them. So he does that. Then while that dries, he figures he might as well clean the bathroom curtains, towels and mats since he's heading downstairs to move the rugs and cushion covers the dryer. He forgets that the building closes the laundry room for cleaning at 1pm so he has to wait. While he does that he figures he'll go back to the living and clean the pile. Then he noticed there is a massive amount of paper that should be sorted so he pulls out our 'to shred' box and sits there and goes through the pile.

It continues like this to about 3am.

I arrived home at 9-10pm.

My first night home was spent on the couch trying to tune out the Tasmanian Devil.

He finally settled down the next day at 11am, when we went to mass.

My husband could use a week of detox like I did but I don't think he could do it. That's not a dare, I just think he's not a detoxing kind of guy. I think it's a little to free spirit for him.

I used to think I married someone my opposite but in many aspects we're the same. We are very driven people, when we want to be. We're stubborn in certain aspects but lax on others. We have alot of fire in us which makes a great force when we are driven towards the same goal. It also gives us more opportunities to debate and act like rams sometimes.

Next time, and yes, I hope there will be a next time, I think I'd like to try a 5 day fast. The fast deepens your awareness to your surroundings. You become more attuned to your senses and you are able to really listen, something which becomes harder and harder to do in this fast paced cyber age world.

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