Monday, August 07, 2006

12 things I learned while fasting

1. I'm not so scared of bugs anymore as long as they are within distance. That includes you Mr. Cricket in my bath towel.
2. I can shave standing like a flamingo in a narrow shower stall.
3. I can sleep through a gigantic bell that tolls at 5:45am.
4. I missed driving stick.
5. I want to retire someplace where I can swim in a natural lake or pond anytime I want.
6. SPF 55 sunscreen does not prohibit tanning.
7. Melon is delicious.
8. I'm naturally drawn to kitchens, even when I can't eat.
9. I love sun-dried clothes.
10. I think too much yet not enough.
11. I'm Pitta-Vata and Lrudlrick is Pitta-Kapha, hence the firey Edith and Archie discussions.
12. I sometimes classify people by actors. i.e. I met this week, A young John Malkovich, an older version of Jay Sherman's son, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, a human version of Bert from Bert and Ernie and an older heterosexual version of Alan Cumming.

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