Monday, July 24, 2006

Mothra is making me a grumble bunny

All weekend, I’ve felt like I was Miss Prissy. Yes folks, as my brother called it, I’m nesting again. Nesting makes me hate being a female. It fascinates me that my body goes through this. It makes me feel like I’m in a nature documentary. “Here we see the young female in her 30’s preparing her home. Watch as she meticulously preens her home for mating. Although this lass knows motherhood is not in her future, nature’s innate cycles are urging her to this laborious ritual.”

Now, it’s not like I expect to do everything in two days. I make a list and I do a little at a time. This weekend I knocked a lot off the list. I cleaned the coat closet, the file cabinet and our new car.This is someone else's Mini but ours looks the same. It's green and has white stripes on the bonnet and white sideview mirrors and a white top.
Here is a cute miniature replica. By the way, when you buy one of these, they give you a mini replica and a ton of stickers and CDs and 'mini' stuff (i.e mini mints). I was waiting for Lrudlrick to pull out a 'mini-maxipad'.
Meet C5. Mini C to Lrudlrick. Clyde to me. I named her Clyde, even though that’s a boy’s name because she reminds me of a frog and when I think frog I think Clyde Frog. Don’t ask me why I don’t think of Kermit first. Clyde Frog was a puppet in an educational program I watched in parochial school. I don’t remember much about Clyde Frog except that he had a girl’s voice, had a talk show and liked peanut butter soup.

Anyway back to the nesting. Lrudlrick has been very patient and helpful. He helped clean out our storage closet. He knows when I’m in Mothra mode, I get downright warrior-like.

What ticks me off about this nesting is that it’s all in vain. Sure I’m cleaning and can finally find things in my utility closet but the real reason my body is telling me to do this is not to have a clean home for my MIL or myself.

I seriously hate hormones. Why can’t men have a tiny weeny bit of the nesting hormone?

Here I am cleaning the house like I’m selling it, making fresh muffins weekly for Lrudlrick’s breakfast, packing us lunches and making dinners nightly. Next I’ll be churning butter and darning socks.

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