Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is it human to hoard?

Just when I thought I was minimizing the amount of money I would spend on my bi-annual decluttering of ye old apartment I break a bloody dining room chair. In an idiotic attempt to save time, I tried moving our dining room table back without moving the chairs first. One fell over and the back rest hit our butler table and split the wood in half.

Pissed is not the word that can describe my feelings.

Last night I didn’t get to any of the ‘to do’s’ I gave myself. Instead, I rearranged the living room. See, although I make an effort to relinquish myself from cd’s, dvd’s and video games, Lrudlrick has a tendency to restock our supply. I’m not saying I’m not guilty either. I’m a sucker for the TV season DVDs but I try to limit myself to a handful a year. Even then I get rid of a DVD that hasn’t been watched in awhile so the collection stays relatively the same size.

Problem is we still can’t seem to lower it beyond our size. So last night Lrudlrick bought a new armoire to hold our collection. So I spent last night moving the couches around and repositioning things yet again. At least I wasn’t just sitting on my ass watching Hell’s Kitchen, which is my new guilty pleasure show. Just so I’m clear, I don’t think any of the 6 chefs left are worthy of heading up a kitchen but I’m guessing the producers should have an idea about this. Apparently the last HK winner couldn’t hack it either.

Tonight’s declutter to do’s:
Repot pathetic looking plants
Remove one furniture item from living room
Figure out where to put manuals and instruction guides
Figure out how to get chair back reattached to dining room chair

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