Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes, I watched the spelling bee

I felt like I was on a soundstage in Brooklyn last night. I was in my kitchen experimenting, as usual, and I’m not lying when I say that I looked down at my pot of sauce, looked back up and darkness fell.

Thunder was heard for at least a good half hour before I actually saw lightening and rain. Lightening struck fast and hard. Thick bolts could be seen. I watched as lightening struck over and over but no rain. Finally, as if a water tower ripped open, sheets of rain hit my windows.

The roars the sky made sounded as if the end of days was near. Zoë who recently lost her phobia to thunder sat in the kitchen staring through the very same window with a cocked head and a perplexed look.

I haven’t seen thunderstorms like these since I lived in Boston. I love running in the rain but if you dared to step foot outside yesterday night you were asking to be hit by lightning.

Last night I did watch the last half hour of the spelling bee. The stress level was so intense for me. My stomach was turning. I bet somewhere in England bookies are doing live bets on these kids. Lrudlrick liked watching these doofy pre-pubescent kids grapple with the pressure. Some kids were extremely intense. Others had nervous smiles. One tall lanky kid kept swaying.

Is it right for us to put these kids in the national spotlight? All kinds of crazy things are happening to you physically and emotionally. Limbs grow faster than other parts of your body. Your voice gets deeper. BTW, was it just me or did one of those girls sound like she had a 35 year old voice?

Lrudlrick and I liked watching the parents too. Some were really intense. Others, like the huggable doofy father for the Canadian girl looked like he would have run up there to bear hug her when she got her word wrong.

My favorite moment of the night was the Jersey girl’s expression when she realized that she may be the champion after the Canadian girl spelt her word wrong. Without missing a beat, she quickly stared at her parents with this, “Holy crap! The pressure is really on now!” look.

Good for you Jersey girl! Lord knows I would have never known Ursprache.

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