Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I didn't have a big brother to introduce me to comics. Can you tell?

With X-men and Superman movies set for the summer, I’ve been tuning into comic book retrospectives on television. There was an interesting special on New York City and its relationship with comic book heroes and a two hour special on Superman recently.

This got me thinking. I was born after the height of the comic book era but comic books were still a big part of my generation. However, the only comics I got my hands on were from cousins and eventually my brother. I wasn’t too loyal to any particular character but there were a few I liked, all for the wrong reasons, of course.

So here is a look back at the characters Li’l Pantrygirl liked as a child and the rationale a little girl with no comic book mentor to guide her had in choosing her favorites. All comic book fans should turn away.

1. Wonder Woman
What else can I say but she was my idol. Why? Because she had dark hair. Yes, this was the sole reason I loved her and demanded underroos, sneakers and t-shirts with her likeness.

2. Firestar
I didn’t know what sexy was but I knew Firestar was sexy. Plus she got to hang out with Spider-Man and Ice Man. Which begs the question, if Ice Man and Firestar got married and had babies what superpower would their offspring have?

3. Magneto:
Cool helmet plus he had a purple outfit. If a man is brave enough to wear purple, he’s alright by me.

4. Superman:
I loved how his alter ego was completely un-super. Big, clumsy and sometimes doofy but when he needed to be he rescued you in a jiffy.

5. Venom:
So what if he was a villain, he had a kick ass outfit. That skin tight dark suit and razor sharp teeth were fierce and well, from the few issues I read, although he was evil he didn’t like to hurt innocent people.

6. Flash:
He was a non-threatening character to me. He ran fast and had weird looking lightning bolts on his head. He wasn’t scary at all.

7. Thing:
Big, cranky yet loveable. Sure he’s stone-like but he has a heart and he was willing to give up his human form for Alicia.

8. Psylocke:
First she turned Asian. Second, before she turned Asian she had a cool outfit and could kill with her mind. Imagine having that ability.

9. Beast:
Big, blue and lumbering but just like Thing had a heart. He also had an intelligent mind. I guess I’ve always had a thing for giant teddy bears.

10. Doppelganger:
He was more like a pet gone wrong than anything else. He seemed to be trainable to be loyal like a dog.

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