Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You are an obsession, his obsession

With the cost of gas jumping to astronomical heights, my hubby has begun his bi-annual event of searching for a new car. Yesterday’s NY Daily News article showing the projected price to fill a Honda Accord would be close to $60.00 fueled his desire. Most of you know, when Lrudlrick gets his mind set on something, it’s stuck there like a stubborn mule.

At the rate he keeps getting rid of our car, the time we spend in the car, the money we spend for garaging our car and the insurance prices we pay for having a car in the city, I finally ask him, “Is it worth buying a new car again?”

L: What? No car? Could we live without a car?
pg: I’m just saying, you get trade our car on average every 2 years. If you really want a car, what about leasing one?
L: But then what would we have after 2 years?
pg: Nothing.
L: Exactly, at least now we have a car.
pg: That you want to trade in.
L: Precisely.

I’ve never leased a car so correct me if I’m wrong but by leasing, would we not lower the price we pay monthly? For example, for a $20,000 car, wouldn’t we only be paying a fraction of that in monthly payments?

I also threw the idea about getting rid of our car and our garage spot and just renting a zip car when we needed a car. Essentially Zipcars are rentals but with less hassle. They come with XMRadio, reserved parking, gas and insurance. The only hassles are 1. You need to go to a Zipcar parking space to pick your car up and 2. You have to drive around in a car with a giant Zipcar add on the side. I’m not without shame but I’ll gladly drive a car with a billboard on it’s side to pick up items at a Costco.

They also have a nifty ownership vs. Zipcar member comparison chart on their site.

Personally, I’m not a every 2 year new car kind of gal. I’m a homey type and bond with things and have a hard time justifying trading in a perfectly good car.

Still, I know Lrudlrick is in his mode so I’m going through brochures with him now. There is a butt ugly car I can only describe as a mini mini van. Can you tell I’m not a car person.

L: We can save money by buying a car with better mileage and give away our garage.
pg: Are you willing to deal with alternate side of the street parking every day?
L: It’s not just me. You, too.
pg: Are you willing to deal with alternate side of the street parking every day?

So begins Lrudlrick’s new quest. One day, I hope to forgo a car and just hover. Don't forget to pick up the above kicking tee at

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