Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend in a nutshell...

1 lector doing the pee-pee dance trying to look composed during lector readings of Easter vigil. yes, the 2 hour mass.

1 lamb, 1 duck, 1 chicken eaten. 1 ham untouched. Ham for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week. Joy.

1 box of almond italian cookies. My brother kicks butt.

1 apartment so clean, I felt compelled to throw a throw pillow on the ground for sanity's sake. Yes, scary isn't it?

1 dog whose allergies are causing massive eye boogies to form in 1 eye.

1 full day doing absolutely nothing. and loving every moment.

1 very large plate of flourless pancakes, undercooked.

1 plate of eggs benedict with turkey bacon that perplexed husband.

3 extremely large flies duking it out with my husband for control of our bedroom.

2 dogs and 1 female locked out of said room while Conan fought said flies.

1 female laughing so hard, a little pee almost came out.

2 people staring at accountant's instructions regarding estimated taxes with confusion and frustration.

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