Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges!"

As part of the strike contingency preparedness planning of our building, we’re required to list all residents and regular visitors to our home to our managing agent. This list will be used to create id badges for security checks. During our contingency meeting, our neighbors questioned the definition of frequent visitor(s). How about adding housekeepers, nannies, playmates of children and the lot to the list? There was a mention of invasion of privacy and the reasoning for adding children to the list for ids.

Lrudlrick and I sat there looking at each other wondering, are we the poorest people in our building? Honestly. Housekeepers? Nannies? It's not like we live in a luxury apartment building. Are there that many people with housekeepers and nannies?

I suppose I could put Scooby and Shaggy as my domestic help but I'm pretty certain they won’t need an id to get past security. This morning, I dropped our list off. As I was walking towards my super’s door, I noticed my husband in a moment I can only assume as sheer amusement to himself, had added to our list of frequent visitors/residents P and Z.

I guess our list was a bit scarce but our dogs? Under relation to residents, he put ‘Canine resident’.

Now I’m going to be honest; I was a bit embarrassed and reluctant to hand it in. I wasn’t embarrassed that our list was skim. I was embarrassed that my husband actually put ‘canine resident’. Couldn’t he have put something more descriptive? They’re more than just canines. P and Z are more than just residents. They’re essentially my kids, allergies and all. They actually have jobs. Apparently, these jobs are rather tiring because every time I see them, their always napping but that’s beside the point. They’re my body guards. They’re my bed warmer. They’re my home alarm system. They’re my occasional taste testers. Heck, they are the reason I have to get up in the morning 'less I want to deal with poop and pee in the house.

Right now, I imagine our managing agents are having a laugh at my expense. The real laugh will be when P and Z get their own security badges. I’d even clip them onto their leashes.

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