Monday, March 20, 2006

Scooba, Scooba doo, where are you?

It’s 1am, early Monday morning. One would think good citizens should be preparing to rest up for a full day of work. Instead, Lrudlrick and I were fascinated by this:

I’m sure you’ve seen this already. During the holidays and this year’s CES, this baby was advertised everywhere. This baby is the Scooba, Roomba’s sister who mops floors.

It’s not that we’re lazy. It’s that we’re anal retentive that makes us want to get this thing. See, we have two very hairy dogs. Dogs that shed so much that we’ve gone through at least 1 vacuum a year, until we got the behemoth, Dyson Animal.

In addition to the tumbleweeds of hair we contend with, my husband and I have concerns about our furry babies tracking in unwanted organisms from the park. Sure, we wipe their paws and booties before they make it inside the house, but I’m sure we miss things trapped in their lower fur.

That’s why the concept of having this spinning disk mop our entryway every few days excites us. Sure, I’ve got to dump the nasty water afterwards but at least periodic pass-throughs with this doodad will lessen the sweat equity we put in every time we mop the floors.

I’m not sure this thing is a reliable spill cleaner upper but for occasional passes, this baby may do wonders.

The only thing holding us back from picking up this bad boy is the price. At $400, I can’t justify purchasing this to lighten the aggressive mopping we do. If anyone hears of a good deal on this baby, pass it on.

If you have a Scooba or have seen it in action, let me know your opinions?

For those who have big brother, Roomba, here is a site that sells slipcovers for them. At last you can have a pig sweeping up your floors.

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