Monday, March 27, 2006

I want me some Categories and I want it to be fairly simple!

I’m trying an experiment. See, I like Blogger but I think my patience waiting for them to develop categorization abilities has worn thin.

So I had this brilliant idea, ok, maybe brilliant, to use technorati or Google to search my bloody blog for related items.

I started by making categories and adding them to the bottom of my entries. Yes, including this in every entry will be laborious but this is only an experiment and besides, I’m secretly hoping that labelr or someone else, heck even Blogger might have a more viable solution soon.

For this experiment I added categories into each entry for this month and made a list of said categories on the right. Now I just need to find out which search engine will best suit my needs.

Now, I would have created a account and done the same or even used a JavaScript but I’m going to be honest. I was bored and lazy. Plus, I have a work schedule that is time consumming, leaving little time to fiddle significantly in here. So I’m using what has already been established.

Here’s my problem. I’m not sure how often the spiders search through and update any changes to blogs. So is it better to use Google or technorati? Anyone? Anyone? I think technorati has a limit as well. Has Google expanded its search past 2005? Just curious.

Oh and if by chance you have some kick butt categories how-to or product you need beta testers for, email me. My OCD is making me itchy for categories.

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