Monday, March 27, 2006

I did not know that…

20 things you and sometimes I did not know about myself:

1. I monitor grids of elevators when I’m at an elevator bank. If there are two elevators that will arrive almost at the same time, I always take the second place elevator because I secretly hope to be the only one in it.
2. I also secretly hope that it will go express to my floor.
3. If it does go express, I do a giddy happy hop when it arrives on my floor.

4. The naive pantrygirl wants to send a mix tape with The Carpenters’ “Hurting Each Other”, WAR’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends” and Eric Burdon and The Animals’ “Let’s Live For Today” to warring factions. They’re classic karaoke songs with a message. You can’t help but sing along.

5. I fear that I’ve been in the workforce for so long, that I have become complacent. Don’t get me wrong, I love project management but sometimes I ask myself, why? What’s the point?

6. I can’t stand how lately my emotional side gets the best of me when I see a cute baby or a kid. It makes me question myself and my temperament.
7. I also try not to show it to my husband if he’s around because I’m afraid it will lead to discord.

8. If I’m in a particularly good mood, you will see me walking down the street with a smile on my face and a Mary Tyler Moore the-world-is-my-oyster attitude.
9. This sometimes annoys passer-bys, especially in Penn Station.

10. I’m pretty oblivious to my surroundings, a New York defensive mechanism. That’s why my celebrity radar is non-existent.

11. NYC is the easiest place to get around in, traffic and all. Every time I leave the city, I complain about the lack of a grid system. This makes me feel shallow and self-absorbed.

12. My iPod usually has a David Bowie song playing at any given time.

13. I can type 72 WPM but I still haven’t mastered the iPod wheel.

14. I can type on my tiny Treo keyboard relatively fast but I still have problems with my iPod wheel.

15. Even though I love my shoes and 70% of them are over 4 inches high, I would gladly wear sneakers if my company allowed it.

16. I’d skip lunch just to take a nap.

17. I’m freakishly good at remembering where my husband leaves odd objects yet am average when it comes to those ‘What is different’ games in Highlights.

18. I’ve just learned that I have no idea how to be truly ‘selfless’ and feel betrayed by my mind that I thought I did.

19. If I had to live on one food and one food alone, I’d choose pasta.

20. At my old job, some people perceived me as ambitious and a ladder climber. In actuality I felt and still do feel fairly happy letting someone else deal with political schmoozing. I’d much rather have prefer a job that allowed me to play at my computer with minimal contact with others. Still it looks as is my personality has lead to invidious comparison. I wish I knew what I did so I wouldn't do it again.

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