Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2 hours of '24' and I'm energized for more. Is that a sign of addiction?

So how many canisters are left?

Is Julian Sands starting to feel like Wile E. Coyote, The Monarch or Lrrr? You kind of feel bad for him. Julian, maybe you should take a Learning Annex class on hiring the right staff. Then he kills Lispy and you hate him again.

Am I the only one who can’t help but complete any sentence that mentions ‘Omicron’ with ‘Persei Eight’?

The following were thoughts in real-time: (summarized by character/location/by order of appearance)

TONY: Tony's awake. I wonder what integral piece of information he will have. Anyone remember who the potential client was Michelle and he was supposed to meet with before they went boom? Or is that moot point? Can a person really walk after being in a coma for over 10 hours? How about being nearly blown up? Man CTU has shoddy security, even on their pc. At my job, we’re required to log out when we leave the workstation. My pc also locks out after 5 minutes. I guess Tony is going to fall off the wagon again.

AARON: I’m glad that Aaron is okay. If I need someone to ever protect me, Aaron is my first contact.

FLOTUS: If my husband committed me once, tried to commit me a second time and then did nothing to try to save my life, divorce papers would be drawn up as fast as I could dial 1-800-LAWYERS. “You didn’t stand up to them.” Damn straight, I wouldn’t want my weasel husband touching me either. Logan, your new name is Weezie.

THE COKEHEADS: How does one get in touch with terrorists? It’s not like they’re in a phone book under ‘Terrorists’. Well, I guess THE HOBBIT won’t have to worry about his sister anymore.

JACK: Man, 10 hours into it and Jack doesn’t seem phased that he has a broken rib. That rib is holding up fine but I guess after being shot at, stabbed, tortured and killed, a broken rib is nothing. Lrudlrick: Jack needs to learn how to shoot to wound not kill. He keeps killing them before they can be interrogated.

PRESIDENT WEEZIE: Lrudlrick: Man, POTUS is good at self incrimination after the fact. “The President needs you.” No, Mike. What the President needs is to grow a spine. Lrudlrick: Does the president have earring holes? It looks like he has three holes in his left lobe. I think he’s right. Freeze frame in the scene where FLOTUS comes back to Weezie, right after Carrie leaves the main floor to investigate the system warning. Tell me what you think.

McHOBBIT: “Lynn’s been relieved of duty.” “Ok.” I love it. No questions. Even off site, Jack knew McGill was a douche bag. Hobbit, now is the time to tell them about the damn key card because your wallet will be in your dead sister’s apartment. Damn straight, come clean. “Why didn’t you report this?” LOL. Because I’m a giant head afraid to admit my fallibility. Lrudlrick: Lynn’s been a class A fuck up today. Only later would we truly find out how he royally messed up. I wonder if he made it. I don’t recall them showing him dead or alive. Anyone see him in the situation room or upper offices?

CTU: Seriously, the uniforms for CTU security are right out of Star Trek: The First Generation. If you’re an extra on ‘24’, you better pray to Guy Fleegman your role somehow gets meatier. Lrudlrick: Doesn’t CTU have a flag against The Hobbit's access? Seriously, if he’s in holding, wouldn’t they revoke any of his privileges? I’d think the first thing they do is deactivate his security and ask for his card back. Evacuation time. I like the big giant ‘E’ for evacuate plastered over every LCD screen. Everyone knows the clinic is going to be sealed off but what about the holding cells? Did Lynn survive? Sweet, holy crap. Now that’s a Ziploc seal.

HOSPITAL: Oh man, the hospital. Is that how Legionnaire’s got into New York Presby? Man, how do you evacuate a major metro hospital and where do you move ICU patients? What about NICU? When will they show the high risk pregnancies waddling out?

ROBOWIFE: She is just too calm. Lrudlrick: She’s hard core, man. Jack’s wife couldn’t handle it. I wouldn’t trust her. Oooh. She’s good. Trying to get to him with the mention of Kim and Teri. She reminds me of Behrooz’ mom. What the hell is to her right? She keeps looking over her shoulder. Oh just hit her Jack. Seriously, just smack her. Can she really be that blind? I guess love can blind. Jack, I said smack her not shoot her! Holy crap! Holy crap! She’s a tough cookie. I’d be crying like a wee baby if I was shot. Man these writers just love sticking it to women.

ROBOCOP: Jack, you’re not going to check the handcuffs? Man, Robocop is cold. Robocop and President Weezie should form a He-Man Women Haters Club. It is men like them that Lifetime movies exist. Oh man, Robocop and Tony are going to have it out in the clinic room. Cripple fight!

TORTURE ROOM: Goody, Jack wants an interrogation room. Let the torturing begin. Darn, the torture is pretty tame. I guess after last year’s endless injections, sensory deprivation and electro-shock treatments, it’s hard to top or even devote any more time to torture. Audrey’s watching Robocop’s torture like a seasoned pro. I love it.

ON THE SUBJECT OF BLUEPRINTS: Are blueprints that easy to get a hold of? Honestly, I’ve requested blueprints for work and I have to jump through hoops to get them……… Again with the floor plans. Who can honestly tell me that they constantly have up to date floor plans? Unless you’re an architect, I doubt you are using the most up to date floor plans for your facility.

MADBOMBER #62: Lrudlrick: Why? Why would you set it for 10 minutes? If you were committed to die, wouldn’t you just set it off right then and there? Obviously Viktor wasn’t a high level operative. He ran and died faster than crewman no. 6. Yes, I watched Galaxy Quest over the weekend.

BLACKJACK: You know Curtis said an expletive when he saw the canister was armed. And my theory of Black Jack continues. Run Black Jack, Run! Run like the football quarterback we all know you were in college. Tuck that canister under your arm like a pigskin and haul ass. Holy crap, they didn’t hurt Black Jack! Thank you! Curtis, don’t forget to ask for 2 extra weeks vaca when you get back to CTU. I’m also available in May if you need company.

COUGARBAIT: Every time Kim’s in CTU, something happens on-site. This should have been the first sign something may be up. “I swore I’d never come back here.” Yeah, but you’re here which means someone is going to die. Hope you have a good shrink.

MUSSOLINI: What did the Veep do last season? I can’t recall what happened last season. Man, working groups. I hate working groups. Sadly, I’ve had to create working groups. So we have a non-elected president that is a spineless weasel and a Veep that wants a totalitarian regime. Guess who Weezie is going to side with? Geez, I think I could actually sell Weezie the Brooklyn Bridge.

DR. SOULMAN: Who is this Barry dude? Isn’t he a bit too old for her? It’s like he’s a shrink trying to be the ‘father figure’ in Kim’s life. “I don’t care what you think?” – Jack responding to C. Thomas Howell’s comments. HAHAHAHA. Oh great, he really is a shrink. Isn’t there an ethics oath you take to not date your patient? Man, I hope doctor/patient relationships don’t happen as frequently in real life as they do in television. The intellectual caught up in something beyond his comprehension. The look C. Thomas had when he was shuffled into the situation room was classic. “What’s going on?” What’s going on is you got yourself into this pickle sleeping with your patient, doc. Ha-ha. Lrudlrick: Well, a mole has to survive. If it’s C. Thomas Howell, Kim is going to be really messed up.

CARRIE: Carrie is going to die. Bye Carrie. Carrie, we barely knew you yet I still found you annoying. Lrudlrick: Edgar is going to feel so bad. He’s just a big teddy bear. He is going to cry.

MADBOMBER #63: Lrudlrick: Let’s see how long they set the timer for on this canister. 10 minutes? 15! Of course! Pantrygirl: Scott, you just don't get it, do ya? You don't.

POTATOFACE: You finally gave attitude to the right person. That’s right Kim, cut your dad some slack. Chloe, you’d be a terrible parent to a toddler but a great mom to an angst filled teen. Chloe will have to live with the knowledge the last words she said to Lispy weren’t “I love you” but some snarky jealous remark. Chloe crying. Who knew Chloe had feelings under that bitter, snarkiness. Someone give her a hug.

LISPY: “Where’s Carrie?” “I want to see what’s taking Carrie so long.” Edgar, you’re smarter than that. Don’t go alone. Send one of the red guards to check on her. They're expendable. Your talents would be best on the main floor. Get out of the building now and he looks for Carrie. Man, Edgar is going to die. RIP Lispy. We're going to miss you. Send your condolences at his online wake.

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