Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why watch a bi-annual event when there is a marathon of 'Justice' television?

Yesterday, P-man was provoked into biting Lrudlrick in the face. Mind you, Lrudlrick at the time was pretending to eat P-man’s paw. This wouldn’t have been an issue except Lrudlrick’s face was within face level of P-man and he wasn’t taking P-man’s growls as warning signs. Oh and a chicken roll was somehow in the picture. Long story short, P-man nipped Lrudlrick in the face.

Both are ok. Nothing major, thankfully. Lrudlrick refused to snip a piece of the aloe plant so he’s carrying around vitamin E to periodically dab the little cut to avoid a scar. I doubt Lrudlrick will ever pretend to eat a dog’s paw ever again. Likewise, after the scolding P-man received, he’ll never do that again. He’s never been like that with me. He knows to ‘let go’ and gently handle toys with me when we’re playing tug-of-war. I guess the chicken roll, the mocking and Lrudlrick’s tendency to rough house got the better of him. P-man spent most of the morning in the dining room, waiting for some sign of forgiveness from Lrudlrick. When he finally was able to inch his way to sit near Lrudlrick, he put his paws on Lrudlrick’s arm and licked it. “Oh my god, now he’s tasting me!”

Because of the early morning incident, Lrudlrick and I spent the rest of the day at home doing chores and essentially hiding out. Plus, I had reading to do for work that I procrastinated on. That’s why we left the ‘Law and Order’ marathon on. I’ve decided that for every 10 episodes of L&O you have seen, there is 1 that you haven’t.

For a brief moment we watched an episode of ‘Miami Vice’. I remember when we thought the images on ‘Miami Vice’ were technologically superior. ‘Miami Vice’ was the ‘CSI: Miami’ of the 80’s. My favorite scene was Tubbs dancing with a girl at a club. I’m not sure it if was dancing or just side shifting but he did do a lot of upper body shimming. I heard that Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are starring in a movie version of ‘Miami Vice’. I wonder if they’ll wear the same pastel shirts and do the shimmy dance.

Sure we could have watched the Olympic coverage but I’m going to be honest; so far the only thing entertaining in this year’s winter Olympics are the accidents. I know I’m heading to purgatory because Apollo’s brazen attempt and the snowboarders showboating were the most entertaining events so far for me. I tried watching curling. I lost the remote control in the folds of our couch and I was too lazy to search for it.
Ok, I will admit, it’s kind of exciting. I found myself engrossed. I got excited when the disks bounced the other disks out of the target. I’m surprised Target hasn’t become the official sponsor of curling. After a 15 minutes though, the excitement died. Then I tried watching the end of the bi-athlon competition, prolonged periods of time out in the wilderness, skiing with an occasional pause to shoot targets. It was interesting to watch until I got to the last leg of the race. I don’t get it. The portion I watched involved a group of men skiing a figure 8 pattern only to pause at the center to shoot 5-6 targets. I don’t get it. Doesn’t it get boring skiing the same figure 8 patterns? Don’t they find themselves wanting to shove the other guy over? It’s slightly sadistic to force these obviously physically tired men/women to circle the same never-ending path until they are too exhausted to aim properly.

If I had to compete in a sport in the Winter Olympics, it would probably be curling. I’d like to be the yeller. I’m not sure what the job entails aside from yelling at the iron doodad but I’m pretty sure the physical qualifications are met. I’d like to be a ski jumper but I’d certainly bust my butt something awful on the dismount. Images of femurs protruding and bones cracking would certainly be a reality.