Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's 11am and I'm starving. Naturally, I'm going to write about the next restaurant I hope to frequent.

My husband ran into the Sous Chef of Morimoto’s a few weeks back and he offered to assist us in getting a table to sample the Tasting menu.

Mind you it could have all been a nicety but you do not understand how excited I would be if he would assist us. I don’t know why but the idea of checking out Morimoto’s during the first year sounds like the perfect, escapist fantasy for me.

Every now and then everyone needs to escape their day to day. I’m not talking about the weeklong vacation escapes but a simple, local oasis. A change of a pace will do me good. For me, I like dressing up and going to dinner and the theatre. Yes, I’m one of the few remaining people who dress up to go to a show. I may not go all out for a matinee but you certainly won’t see Pantrygirl in jeans and a flip flops at “Sweeney Todd.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pretentious. I don’t have any problems with people who go to shows in jeans. Heck, I’m fine with people attending church in shorts, so long as they are there. When I was a kid, whenever we went to a Broadway show or Lincoln Center, we would dress in one of our nicer outfits. I guess that has stuck with me.

If I have kids, I’ll probably teach them the same. I apologize in advance kids, for any embarrassment this may cause you but you’re wearing slacks/skirt to a show and white sneaks wouldn’t be allowed at church.

Our dinner and theatre nights have been dubbed in my head as ‘Sardi’s’ nights. It’s the night where I can be a Hitchcock siren and live the 'high life’. All I need is a thick pair of sunglasses, a mink stole and a cigarette dangling in one hand and a martini in the other. By the way, if you've never been to Sardi's, be prepared to be inundated with bread. The bread server is very diligient.

Anyway, I’m really hoping that we can get a reservation. I’ve heard nothing but spectacular reviews about his place in Philadelphia. I’ve never met him personally but I liken Morimoto to be like the chef in ‘Chef’. If you’ve never seen Lenny Henry as Chef Gareth Blackstock, rent it on Netflix or search for it on PBS or BBCAmerica. He’s a perfectionist chef. Memorable episodes include the one where a patron asked for salt and Chef Blackstock badgered her for criticizing his food and the hunt for the elusive non-pasteurized Stilton cheese.

Lrudlrick says Morimoto is a bit shorter than he appears in Iron Chef. I always thought he has great presence. If we don’t get in this year, maybe we’ll get in next year. I’m a realist and my world won’t stop completely if we don’t get in but it sure would be nice to sample the cuisine.

As for my next Sardi’s night, hopefully it will be during Valentine’s week when we’ll be going to “The Odd Couple.” Maybe I’ll get inspired and dress in the style of a Pigeon sister. Anyone have suggestions for places to eat?

Post note: Augie from Augieland has fascinating photos of the cuisine. It is food porn and I can't stop staring at it.