Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I know it's a fictional show and he's a fictional character but if you saw last night's episode you'd understand.

Dear President Logan:

Last night’s episode was a classic example of your inability to make a damn decision.

For gosh sakes, you are the President of the United States; make a bloody decision. Heck, your wife’s life depends on it. You constantly resign yourself to what other’s tell you. Grow a spine and stick up for your gut instincts. You’ve truly explained the phrase, gutless wonder, to me.

I hope the elected President Keeler wakes up from the coma and reclaims his presidency. He wasn’t a President Palmer but anyone sure beats you.


My favorite line of the night: "The President is at a loss for words." -- Mike Novak

Oh and I've decided that Julian Sands is incapable of any accent. He's played many a foreign character but always has that creepy I'm-a-brooding-male-who-will-one-day-kill-you voice.

Rudy. Rudy. Rudy. If you didn’t have that baby fat, I’m sure we’d see your blood vessels popping consecutively. I haven’t seen CTU band together on a decision in the last 5 seasons. Thanks for giving the team something to rally together on. “Viva La Resistance!”

Curtis. You did well. Sure, it would have been easy to retain the power you wanted since Erin took time out to deal with Maya’s suicide but we both know cleaning up Rudy’s poop wasn’t the best way to gain the directorship.

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