Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Did Julian Sands get work done or does he always look young and creepy?

I’ve decided the writers on ‘24’ and ‘House’ are just bitter heterosexual males who have been scorned by women. Every episode includes a woman that has lied, cheated or manipulated the situation. Still I watch.

On ‘24’:

FLOTUS is really putting a lot on her marriage and her relationship with her wimpy husband. Honey, the man was willing to lock you in the loony bin. Don’t drag Aaron into this. Let him retire into a quiet mundane life. Don’t let him be a casualty.

Complete control is a dangerous illusion, Rudy. Now that you’ve locked daddy in the clink, you’re really in for it.

Is Black Jack (Curtis) the stand in for torture for the real Jack? Oh well, just be glad Jack just choked you and didn’t chop your hand off.

On ‘House’:

“She’s a man, baby!”

Ok, sleeping with your daughter is really sick. Finding out that she’s a guy is sicker. Finding out she uses her sex to get what she wants and forced Daddy to sleep with her is horrific.

That family is going to counseling for a very long time.

My favorite line was blunt and to the point, “You’ll be fine, right after we cut your balls off.”

Oh, I’m new to ‘House’ so can someone fill me in on what happened to Dr. House’s thigh muscle and what type of degenerative disease it was?

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