Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bottlenecked brain...

I’m going to be honest. I’m not feeling very productive today. In fact, today I’ve read the same article three times and I still have no clue what the conclusion is.

I think the problem is I have a backlog of strange thoughts that have been floating in my head all week. Most of them are completely ridiculous and irrelevant.

So to clear my brain ‘cache’ I’m throwing them out. Hopefully once I’m done, I’ll be able to finish reading my articles and return to my newly bought book.

1. If I slept in, would anyone really notice I wasn’t at work?
2. Now that I’ve stocked up on pantyhose, why haven’t I worn a skirt all week?
3. Aren’t half the songs nominated for a Grammy released prior to last year’s Grammy’s?
4. Show me the Monkey. HAHAHAHAHA I get it. Very cute.
5. I really am a geek. I spent 10 minutes flipping through a book I bought for work while Lrudlrick waited patiently for me to eat dinner.
6. Does the P-man know I can’t get up on time when he curls up next to me in bed?
7. If I wore wigs, would that allow me to sleep an extra half hour?
8. What do the Muslims storming the Danish embassy hope to achieve expressing their outrage with violent tactics? Someone needs to sit them down and make them listen to The Carpenter's 'Hurting Each Other'.
9. If George walked Astro on a treadmill, where did he do his business?
10. How did they do the Gorrilaz animation thing in the beginning of the Grammy’s?
11. Tomato Florentine is one of my favorite soups.
12. Did I make the right choice with my new cell phone?
13. If a week consists of 7 days, why does my husband have on average 9 shirts that need to be washed and pressed every week?
14. I used to get so excited about the Olympics? What happened?
15. What the heck was Bono saying during the Grammy’s?
16. Why do the words ‘cheddar’ and ‘fierce’ make me giggle?
17. If I fell asleep right now on my desk, would anyone notice?