Thursday, February 02, 2006

5 Things...

The Muttering Muse tagged me a while back while I was sans time and internet connection. Here, are my 5 Things about me:

1. My brother says I flirt a lot but I honestly don’t think I do. In fact, I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty awful conversing with the opposite sex. Heck, I usually get tongue-tied regardless if you are a male or a female. It doesn't help that I talk really really fast.

2. I can watch a movie over and over again until I’ve memorized all the lines. Sadly, the movies I can recite are not masterpieces. In my book, many are classics but that’s subjective. Movies I can watch over and over again include: Bringing Up Baby, Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House, Dodgeball, and Zoolander.

3. My favorite numbers are: 13 and 62. 13 because no one ever picks it and 62 because of an inside joke between my brother and I. Hey Muthafunga. How do you spell ‘Satan’?

4. I have an overactive imagination and have a tendency to find everything oddly amusing. Yes, I’m the person that starts the ‘giggle loop’.

5. My face cannot hide my thoughts. I’m like Mos Def in The Italian Job. If you stick a giant Samoan with dreads and body art in front of me, I’m going to stare. I don’t mean to be rude. I’ll be nice and even hold conversations with him but I’ll definitely stare. Come on. This guy is clearly looking for attention. It’s not like he’s wearing a Henley and jeans. I did this at Mardi Gras when a biker chick was hanging out in front of a biker bar. She was a little person and she had these leather chaps on and I couldn’t help but wonder where a person who is 3 feet tall purchases leather chaps.

I know that I’m supposed to choose people to pass this on to but it is 9:40am and I’ve been in a meeting since 7:30 so you guys can choose.

If you do decide to participate in 5 Things, comment or email me and I’ll add a link to this entry.